Ring Silicone Mold for UV Resin Epoxy Liquid Clay Jewelry Making

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Create varied statement resin rings crafting projects ( novelty resin ring band, DIY resin ring base, wood resin ring, dandelion resin ring, flower resin ring, feather resin ring, gold flakes resin ring, nature resin ring, ocean resin ring, resin ring pair, rose petals resin ring, silver flakes resin ring, landscape inside resin rings )

Tips 1, Sanding after release 2 If you are between sizes, order up. Or you can always trim and drill the released product to properly fit your intended figure.

For liquid clay, uv resin, epoxy resin, CMC, fimo, air clay etc. crafting jewelry projects, you may always mix different materials when crafting, and use this silicone resin mold to make ring for pendant charm, or drill a tiny hole to make an earring

Create personal resin rings with ease. Since the mold is reusable you can have many varieties and styles - save time, save money, look great. Make with kids, while watching a movie and then use at weddings and even make rings for all bridesmaids.

Size reference ( width of finished item around 4mm )

1846 1847 1848 flat resin ring molds

1846 inner diameter 18mm

1847 inner diameter 17mm

1848 inner diameter 16mm

1849 1850 1851 geometric flat resin ring molds

1849 18mm

1850 17mm

1851 16mm

1852 1853 1854 D-shape resin ring molds ( narrow around 3-4mm )

1852 20mm

1853 18mm

1854 16mm

1859 1860 1861 multi-faceted D-shape resin ring molds

1859 17mm

1860 16.6mm

1861 16mm

1862 1863 1864 D-shape resin ring molds ( width around 5-7mm )

1862 17mm

1863 16.6mm

1864 16mm

1865 1866 1867 Oval shape cocktail ring molds

1865 17mm

1866 16.6mm

1867 16mm

1868 1869 1870 Facet diamond cocktail ring molds

1868 17mm

1869 16.6mm

1870 16mm

1871 1872 1873 Pentagonal shape cocktail ring molds

1871 17mm

1872 16.6mm

1873 16mm